Ask the Road Crew

The summer driving season is underway - and so is the summer construction season. Before you head out, get help from the Road Crew on trouble spots, slowdown spots and more. Ask our experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St.Louis County.

  • Several nights recently the streetlights are not lit on Olive from Ninth to Tucker and other streets in the immediate area. I reported it each night after which the lights came on. Then I would have to report no lights again the next night. Could you investigate what the problem is so they come on each night without me calling and reporting that they are not on every night? Thanks.
  • When you reported it, was it to the Citizen's Service Bureau or elsewhere?
  • In the City, can pinch points or plastic lane dividers be added at strategic locations to keep drivers from using center turn lanes and bike lanes as high speed passing lanes. Two of the worst I see all the time are Southbound Tower Grove from Vandeventer to Shaw (some drivers are using the bike lane all the way) and Eastbound Chippewa at Hampton where drivers are flying down the center turn lane from before Clifton to get to the Left hand turn at Hampton (and if a vehicle is in the center lane waiting to turn in to Target, some drivers will drive out in to the opposing traffic lanes to go around). I know this is also an enforcement issue, but a little bit of physical deterrence would go along way towards encouraging proper lane usage. Thanks...
  • We do utilize flexible delineators at critical locations to define the beginning, middle, and end of bike lanes where we can, however they are tough to maintain as they are constantly knocked down. Permanent (concrete for example) solutions also represent significant cost and maintenance issues too. By MO statute, drivers are allowed to utilize the two-way left turn lane in advance of their turn (where practical and safe given opposing direction of traffic in lane) up to 500 ft. It is not lawful to use the lane over that distance as well as to use it as a passing lane. Both require enforcement to resolve as it wouldn't be the wisest use of limited transportation funds to construct medians on city streets to curtail some rogue drivers.
  • Good afternoon from MoDOT! This is Jeanne Olubogun from the Traffic department filling in for Andrew Gates. Thanks for joining us on the chat today.
  • Minor issue for MODOT - at 9500 W Watson (old Crestwood Mall / Schnuck's / Planet Fitness), the traffic leaving the shopping center are shown green arrows on the traffic signals. Since the road into the old mall now goes over a cliff, it would probably be a good idea to turn the straight-ahead arrow(s) to direct traffic to turn right. Thanks!
  • Thanks for bringing the signal indications at the former Crestwood Plaza to our attention. We will take a look at the arrows and get changes made as needed. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • Mr. Runde, The signal at Hampton and Loughborough gives a lot of time to Loughborough. In my opinion, way too much time. The signal has gray boxes on the masts which indicates that the signal has the wireless pucks for detection. Will you please have a crew see in the detection is working or otherwise shorted the green time for Loughborough? Thank you.
  • We will verify that the vehicle detection is operating correctly at Hampton & Loughborough. For reference, the east-west traffic signal phase is only about 25% of the overall intersection's cycle during the morning and afternoon peak periods. That is based on traffic counts and field observations of the vehicular demand that is present at those times. However, if there is a time where there is no traffic and the signal is cycling to the side street (or holding on after traffic is cleared out), there may be an equipment issue. We'll check it out - thanks!
  • I've passed your suggestion on to our Traffic Studies group for consideration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • One thought on the restriping of Big Bend - eastbound, after Berry, instead of merging two lanes into one, why not make the right lane into a mandatory right turn lane, onto Grant? That would make it easier for people turning left, off of Grant, onto westbound Big Bend. Thanks!
  • Can someone from MoDOT explain why two of the four legs of the Hampton and Gravois intersection have no right turn on red signs? I don't think the restriction is warranted. Thank you.
  • Thanks for your question about the "No Right On Red" signs for NB Germania at Gravois and WB Gravois at Hampton. These signs and restrictions are in place due to the proximity of the bus transfer center to the intersection. For NB Germania traffic, if turning right on red, you may immediately encounter another red signal at the bus transfer center signal. This could cause traffic to back up around the corner at Germania, possibly blocking pedestrian traffic. For the WB Gravois traffic, the reasoning is somewhat similar. The sign is in place since buses entering the bus transfer center slow to make the turn, as well as some buses having a stop location on NB Hampton. Overall, it's really about providing a safer transportation system for all users. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • I'll need to check with our Planning group, and will reply as soon as I have an answer. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • I drove Airport Rd in north STL county last week and it's in terrible shape. I was going eastbound from James S. McDonnell to N/S Florissant Rd. Continuing on Hereford Ave/Chambers Rd the pavement was in slightly better shape, but just slightly. I noticed curb replacement on Chambers Rd from W. Florissant east, but I was wondering when this section of road is scheduled for resurfacing.
  • can you please fix the light at St Cyr and Lewis and Clark Blvd so that we don't have to sit there forever watching no traffic got thru the light. Been messed up since the power went out a few weeks ago. there will be no one and then even the arrows go..
  • Patty, thanks for bringing this to our attention. It's only with the help of the people who drive the roads every day that we can fix items like this. I will pass this onto our signal crew to look at. It likely needs resetting since the power outage. In the future if you see things like this, you can call our customer service center at 314-275-1500. We are here 24/7! Again, thanks!! Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • What will the final result of the Wabash "Greenway" look like? Will it retain two lanes of traffic each direction as it used to be before construction, or is it reduced to one lane each permanently? Expected completion?
  • The River Des Peres Greenway, along Wabash/Ellendale, that is extending from Lansdowne to Slay Park will change the permanent roadway configuration to consist of an off-street greenway, one southbound lane, and two northbound lanes.
  • Question - the left turn light southbound on Lindbergh turning into the library headquarters (across from plaza Frontenac) is a standard light that does not offer a flashing yellow. The same light going northbound on Lindbergh offers a flashing yellow - what is the reason for the difference?
  • Hey Scott, thanks for the concern about the signal at Lindbergh and Central Library HQ. When we use permissive left turns, we do not allow that at locations where the turning traffic would have to cross three lanes of traffic. Albeit for a short distance, a 3rd northbound through lane exists that the left turning traffic must cross. The SB left turn also functions as a legal U-Turn, and U-Turns are only allowed on a protected movement.

    For those reasons, this approach must remain protected only. Again, thanks for asking about this. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • When is the resurfacing/bridge maintenance on I55 north and south bound near down town supposed to be completed? Thank you.
  • Hello Bob!! Thanks for your question about the work on NB & SB 55 near downtown. The contractor has until next summer to complete this work. They are running ahead of schedule and could finish early. Let's hope they stay on pace and finish early. I do want you to be aware that we are starting a project that will continue to have impacts in this area. We are widening the PSB and the ramp from NB 55 to PSB. The ramp should be completed in the spring, but the PSB widening could go through 2018. For more details on this project and to sign up for email updates, visit the project web site at . Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • We'll be resurfacing Big Bend from Manchester Road north to Delmar in 2019. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Is there any discussion of resurfacing Big Bend in Richmond Heights through Maplewood in the near future? That stretch has been torn up an patched so many times in the last 5 years, its become a rough commute. Thanks
  • Would it be possible to add flexible delineators at the end of the ramp from WB Manchester to SB Des Peres Road? Drivers often stop at Des Peres road even though their lane continues south.
  • Hi Whitty name! Thanks for your post about the possibility of installing flexible delineators at the added lane from WB 100 to SB Des Peres Rd. We have a number of locations like this on the roads where people just aren't comfortable making that turn without having a gap in traffic. It surely is frustrating when you are the care behind them. We will check to make sure we have the appropriate "Added Lane" signs on the SB and off ramp approaches, as well as making sure the pavement markings are correct. As for the flexible delineators, while they add a short term change, they don't last very long when cars start hitting them, and when plows are out in the winter time. It's just not a cost-effective solution. Again, thanks for checking in with us on this. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • Can flexible lane delineators be installed to help stop drivers passing/speeding on the Eastbound Dougherty Ferry I-270 bridge? Drivers hang in the left turn lanes seemingly to turn onto Northbound I-270 & then speed and cut into eastbound Dougherty Ferry Rd thru-traffic lane. It is dicey in such a short span of traffic between two stop lights.
  • Good afternoon, J. Allen! Thanks for bringing the concern about traffic movement on the Dougherty Ferry bridge across 270. While flexible delineators might possibly help the situation, it is not really cost effective, nor is it the best answer. This truly is an enforcement issue. We have good signing and pavement markings in the area to help people know where they "should" be. I suggest calling the Des Peres police department with your concerns. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • Also in that area. The lights at Watson Road and Cheshire do not seem to be working properly. I have waited on Cheshire to pass through or turn on Watson Road for as along as 6 minutes. Sometimes the lights on Watson turn red but the lights on Cheshire do not turn green. I have seen many people run the light thinking it is broken. I'm also wondering why this light even exists or why it can't be a flashing red on Cheshire and flashing yellow on Watson. There is plenty of visibility and regular breaks in the traffic due to signals at Elm and at Laclede Station
  • Hi Doris Smith!! Thanks for the post about Watson and Cheshire. We are dispatching our signal crew to the intersection to check the detection and try to figure out why there is a delay in the signal. In the future, if there are situations like this you encounter, please call our customer service center at 314-275-1500 - someone is available 24/7. The second part of your post is about why we need this signal at this location. At some point in the past, traffic on Cheshire didn't get sufficient gaps in traffic to make a safe left turn out, and possibly there were a number of crashes that could be prevented by the installation of a signal. In the past, we have had locations where conditions change so significantly that the signals are no longer needed. When that becomes the case, we reassess and determine if they need to be removed. That is not the case at this location. If that becomes the case, we will revisit this. Thanks for bringing these concerns to our attention. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • What is the timeline for completion of construction at Kingshighway/Forest Park Parkway? Thanks.
  • August is the anticipated completion of the Kingshighway & Forest Park Parkway project.
  • I recently walked all four corners of the intersection of Mackenzie and Gravois to see what MoDOT is doing. Handicapped curb cuts have been installed. Is this in preparation for the installation of sidewalks? According to the Great Streets design, Gravois is/was in line for some new sidewalks. Also, I'd like to see flashing yellow arrows added to the traffic signals. Are four sides of the intersection have protected-only left turns. It's been this way since at least 1992 and isn't justified, in my opinion.
  • There's a lot of construction activity at Gravois Plaza. Are sidewalks being added? Thank you.
  • Good Afternoon, M Wednesday! Thanks for your questions. There are several parts to your questions. Due to hardware age and condition of the traffic signal equipment at this intersection, we can not make the flashing yellow arrow modifications. The signal is scheduled for rebuild in FY 019. The FYA will certainly allow us to have more flexibility with our left turn operations, but must wait until the signal is upgraded. As for the current construction project, we are adding curb ramps and improving the existing sidewalks. We are not adding additional sidewalks at this time. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • Grant road is under the jurisdiction of Grantwood Village and is need of repair. Does STL County or MoDOT have authority to enforce road improvements when a municipality fails to maintain the road?
  • Hi Whitty name, MoDOT doesn't have jurisdiction over the cities as to how they maintain their roads in general. Cities do compete for federal funding for projects, and if they obtain federal dollars, then MoDOT does administer and oversee those projects. I hope this helps. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • What is the timing of the reconfiguration of the olive Lindbergh intersection
  • Jim, I am going to have to get back to you next week on the question about Olive and Lindbergh. Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer
  • Why not install traffic meter lights on entrances to highway 270, particularly Gravois, Tesson Ferry, Dougherty Ferry, and Manchester? Seems like those would help solve the severe congestion issues.

    Hello Dave!!  Thanks for your question about ramp metering.  As you know, we don't have any ramps meters in the region.  The concept definitely has proven beneficial in many other cities.  We have been looking at where it would be most effective to use ramp meters, and where we could get the biggest bang for the buck.  Like anything else, funding for such a project has to compete with other needs.  We must also assess the level of acceptance by the cities and counties impacted.  Thanks for being a fan of ramp meters.  Jeanne Olubogun, MoDOT Traffic Engineer

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