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Maybe your commute's calm, but the weekend errand-running lands you in gridlock. Ask the experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County about your problem points in the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 1 p.m.

    A few followups from last week. MetroWest asked about the guard cable on Route 100 in Franklin County between Wolf Hollow and Elizabeth Ann. That should be repaired by the end of this week, weather permitting.
    We were also asked about some tree cutting along I-44 in Webster Groves -- that is Ameren that is clearing up trees along the power lines.
    Finally, we had a question about the positioning of guard cable. Guard cable’s key purpose is to help prevent crossover-type crashes. It needs to be placed in a certain position along the roadway in order help prevent a car that leaves the road from crossing over into on-coming lanes. Typically it is placed based on a number of factors, that includes the tensioning of the cable and the width of the area between the two directions of traffic. However, we can choose to alternate the guard cable to help reduce potential driver perception that there is an obstacle close to the lane in which they are traveling.
    Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Last Wednesday evening, I was traveling north on 270 between 44 and Big Bend-ish when my Waze app notified me of an "object in the road." We arrived on-scene before any emergency vehicles did, but saw at least a dozen vehicles with tire and/or radiator damage from having hit a giant hunk of concrete that had been dislodged from the edge of a bridge where it met the non-bridge pavement. Can you explain HOW the bridge "exploded" or "failed" - and kudos for the speedy repair.
    It looks like that was a repair on the deck that popped -- most likely due to the changing temperatures. Typically, that is caused by the expansion and contractor of the roadway and patch due to weather, coupled with the vibrations of traffic on the bridge, which shook the patch loose. We appreciate the kudos to our bridge maintenance team. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    I know the intersection at Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry is difficult at the best of times. I live nearby and go through it frequently. There are a couple times when I've noticed traffic seems to back up daily. First is during the evening rush hour for people turning left from Lindbergh to Lemay Ferry in both directions. There is barely enough time from WB Lindbergh to SB Lemay Ferry, but it's usually not too bad. EB Lindbergh to NB Lemay Ferry is quite bad. It seems to be a gradual buildup, getting worse from 4:30-5:30 or so. There is more than enough time for traffic going straight through the light in either direction, so perhaps just stealing a second or two from each could help. I don't know if this gives enough time for the walk signal though, so it may not be possible.

    The other time is on NB Lemay Ferry about 6:45-7:00 AM or so on school days. I believe most of this is traffic going to Mehlville HS. It may start earlier, but I only travel it at that time or later. It's always clear when I go that way even a little later (e.g., at 7:15), so I'm not sure it's worth the effort. But traffic often backs up to the South County Mall/I-255 entrances light around 7.
    Thanks for the details -- I have asked the traffic engineer team to take a look at the area to see if they may be able to make any improvements. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Good morning, 22nd/Clark St between Market and Jefferson is a disaster. Are there any plans to redo it? At this point it seems like gravel would be better than the surface that is currently there. Thanks.
    Off hand I don't believe there are any improvements programmed for those routes aside from potential repaving associated with utility upgrades, aldermanic projects, or redevelopment efforts.
    Can you comment on the recent bridge repairs over I-170 on I-70 and heading south out of downtown on I-55/44? The concrete seems extremely rough for a brand new job.
    That is a drawback of keeping the roadway open while making repairs on bridges. While the concrete is setting, it can get rough from the vibrations of traffic continuing to drive over the bridge. We still have work on the bridge at I-55/I-44 (although the lanes with the new concrete are essentially complete). We are looking at some options to smooth out the concrete there. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    We are scheduled to proceed with the improvements at Musick and Gravois this year. Once that work is completed (ideally, this calendar year), we'll move forward with the Musick bridge replacement. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    Hello. Would you be able to provide an update on the Gravois and Musick intersection rebuild?
    Is the aging bridge on Musick road scheduled to be replaced?
    Jefferson Avenue in the city southbound during the evening rush (between Olive & 44) is still a mess. At one time it discussed it's the signal detection at Scoot Ave. That was fixed but the problem still exists. Another discussion said it was because the Grand bridge was out and people were using Jefferson as an alternative route. Well, the Grand bridge is back in business. I don't know what the issue is but it shouldn't take 10- 15 to go that distance. Is there any help available?
    Since adjustments were made as mentioned we haven't seen issues as described. We will record travel times to verify & respond accordingly.
    This question is for the City. It appears that most of the work that was done on Locust between 6th and 7th streets downtown is now finished. However, the contractors left a mess not only on the street but the sidewalks as well. There are rocks, dirt and mud (when it rains) on the sidewalk as well as on Locust. Will this be cleaned up?
    We will check with the contractor & have them address this promptly.
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