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If you're looking for the fastest route from here to there in the St. Louis area, the Road Crew experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County can help. Join the weekly chat at 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 4, to get all your commuting questions answered.

  • Will the Jackson Street overpass be replaced in Jefferson City? (Lafayette project)
    Thanks for the thorough information you provided on the project! It is important to know where our tax money goes and I hope that the new gas tax will provide the much needed money for your projects. I know some legislators read this each week so I'll just suggest that a law should be written that a certain percentage of each traffic fine should go for building and maintaining the roads and highways in Missouri. I also hope that a law WILL BE passed banning cellphone use and texting in Missouri. A reasonable fine would be $150 for the first offense, $500 for the second, and a loss of license for year for the third. This is a very serious situation which is seen by everybody very day and it is causing accidents.
  • Yes, Jackson Street over Route 50 is scheduled to be replaced as a part of the Lafayette Project.  You can see more details on the project at the web page: Your other concerns and suggestions should be brought to your local legislator.  We agree that distracted driving is a major problem -- especially as people travel through work zones.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • MetroWest asked last week about the project on Route 94 in Warren County. On rural routes, we are systematically improving safety by using 3-foot shoulders. This helps reduce the number of fatal crashes on rural routes. By adding a 3-foot shoulder with rumble strips, we can reduce fatalities by 45 percent. To get the most benefit from these improvements, we widen the shoulder enough to get in the rumble strip and a small area for drivers to recover if they cross onto the shoulder. Right now, we have about 70 miles of rural routes done this way in St. Charles County; when this work is complete, that will go to 86 miles. We also have another 18 miles of roadway scheduled for similar improvements. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • As part of the development at Manchester & Des Peres Road, the traffic lights at Des Peres Road & Corporate Hill Drive/Manchester off-ramp have been replaced.

    The new lights are scheduled so the off-ramp gets green ball/protected left arrow, then the exit from the office complex (where thousands of people work) gets a green ball/protected left arrow.

    This is a HUGE problem during afternoon rush - as only four cars (five if you're pushing it) can exit the office complex on Corporate Hill Drive before the light goes red. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, it took me SIX light cycles to get out of the parking lot. The line of cars goes all the way back to the 1630 building entrance, which is ridiculous. Please PLEASE add more time for those of us who just want to go home in the afternoon! Thanks.
  • Those signals are still under the control of the construction contractor for the developer. We will share your concerns with them and ask them to make some signal timing adjustments. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • We have a resurfacing project scheduled for Clayton Road, between Skinker and Brentwood Boulevard. However, it won't get under way until '18, at the earliest. I'll make sure our pothole repair crew schedules a patching operation in the very near future. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Are there any plans to resurface/repave Clayton Rd between Big Bend & McCausland? If not completely repaving, can the potholes at least be filled?
  • How can one of the utilities pour concrete to fix the road one day (4-6" Deep) and then the next day put 2-3" asphalt overlay on it the next. I know they can use quick dry but for this depth it would seem to take longer then 1 day to set/cure.
  • Depending on the mix, it can take from four hours to seven days for concrete to gain strength (when we patch our concrete roads, we can normally put traffic back on the road in four hours.) Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I'll forward this to our Operations Division immediately. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • SB Big Bend has many potholes between Dale and Bruno. Can you have a look?
  • I think Manchester at Kingshighway is a state signal. Is there a way you could extend the left turn lane for WB Manchester? Not sure if it's the I-44 construction but there's a lot of demand for that movement and not enough queued space. It might be also beneficial to see if there's enough green time for that WB to SB movement based on demand, especially during the PM rush.
  • We'll take a look at the WB Manchester to Kingshighway signal and see what we can do. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Can you get someone in either the highway dept or St. Peters (or whomever) to fix the fallen overpass pieces and fencing that has been messed up since early last year at Woodstone and S. St Peters Parkway? I saw kids trying to climb the fence a few weeks ago which could cause the next piece to come down and kill them.
  • I have passed these along to our maintenance team to take a look at. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • The storm sewer grates (and the sewers beneath, if the grates aren't clogged) at the bottom of the S-bound I-55 entrance ramp from S-bound Broadway need to be checked for blockage - there's standing water several inches deep there for a prolonged time after heavy rains (like last weekend's).
  • I have asked our maintenance team to take a look at this ramp. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I feel like WB I-64's rush jam in the PM is extending further and further back east in the past few months. The jam used to start at or around the Science Center but now is going back to Grand. The Kingshighway on ramp looks like a parade. Is this something you're seeing as well? Any explanations? The only thing I know that has changed in that area for sure is the new interchange for Boyle/Tower Grove. And finally, any solutions? Thanks!
  • We are seeing more traffic on I-64 this spring. It could be because some people are choosing to use I-64 to avoid the bridge maintenance on I-44 this year. It does clog up because people often don't merge correctly during congestion (merge like a zipper -- first one lane and then the other). We currently have no plans to make any changes here. It would get very costly due to the bridge work needed and obtaining the needed right of way. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Hello. As always, thanks for hosting these chats. A few months ago I asked if some of the manholes on EB Manchester in Manchester would be brought to the level of the road before the Great Streets project was complete. The response was that the contractor would be expected to do that. There are at least three manholes between Henry and 141 that are in line with vehicles' left tires that need to either be raised or have asphalt put on the cover to level it out. Will this be addressed? Thank you!
  • I spoke with the team overseeing the Great Streets project -- all the manholes have been adjusted to their final position on the project. The manholes you reference are all less than 1/2 inch deep and meet the specifications for utility covers within the roadway. There are no plans to make further adjustments. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • One of our traffic engineers will look at Hampton and Reber and determine the proper solution.
  • For the city, on Northbound Hampton at Reber Place, vehicles making a left turn always seem to end up stopped half in/half out of the traffic lanes because there's no designated left turn area. Can the road be restriped to allow left turning traffic a place to wait, or if there's not enough room, change it to a no left turn since there's plenty of opportunity to make a left at the signals at Columbia and Southwest. Thanks for holding this sessions.
  • Can someone please look at the stoplight sequence at Olive and 270 in the morning (starting around 7:20 am through morning rush hour)? Traffic from the southbound 270 off ramp to eastbound Olive, especially the left lane, backs up into the Olive-270 intersection, blocking the road. This is because when this off ramp has a green light the next light east at Center Pkwy is red, and the cars have nowhere to go. When eastbound Olive at 270 then gets a green light the cars cannot enter the intersection because it is blocked by cars that piled up from the 270 ramp. Sometimes only 4-5 cars get through in the left lane on a single light cycle. This then backs up Olive far to west, often to Tempo and occasionally as far west as Mason. Further complicating matters, the left turn lane from eastbound Olive to northbound New Ballas turns green too late in the cycle. Cars in the turn bay backup into the lefthand through lane on eastbound Olive, and then there is only one lane of traffic left to go through New Ballas, further causing a backup. At a minimum, you need to shorten the light from southbound 270 to eastbound Olive and give eastbound Olive more time to account for the blocked intersection.
  • Our traffic engineers will take a look at Olive to see what we can do. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Our sign supervisor will check the intersection of Taylor and Olive and trim the tree or have it removed or relocate the stop sign.
  • City of St. Louis: Southbound Taylor @ Olive St. There are trees blocking the stop sign. It is impossible to see until you are on top of it. See cars blow through it daily and have even seen an accident. Can anything be done to warn of the upcoming stop?
  • The City of Maplewood is overseeing the work at Manchester and Bellevue. You will have to check with them on that. On I-44 -- we are going to be working through the fall on the current bridge project on the interstate, but we have several years worth of work along I-44 that will have similar impacts. We will also be working through the summer near the I-44 and I-55 ramps. We should be finished with the EB I-44 to NB I-55 ramp by the middle of May. Then we start work on the ramps from EB I-44 to Lafayette and Lafayette/Truman to SB I-55. They will be closed from the middle of May until the second week of June, roughly. You can see more at our web page:

    I-44 and I-55 interchange project

    Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications

  • As always thanks for hosting these. Two questions - when will the work be completed at Manchester & Bellevue? Through lane is blocked on EB Manchester, and causes backups when WB traffic is heavy and one person is blocking lane waiting to turn. Second: what's the time frame for current work on 44, as in when will 4 lanes be open (2 at 55 merge) ?
  • The signal for EB Lansdowne at River Des Pere still gives a green arrow when no traffic exists. Did it get looked at after I asked a month ago?
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