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If you're headed out for the holiday weekend, ask MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County all your questions about construction projections, congestion problems and more. Join the weekly Road Crew chat at 1 p.m. today - and you can post questions now.

  • Thanks for hosting these chats. On Northbound 1-55 there is a bridge that crosses over Green Park (I believe) before you get to Reavis Barracks. There is a large pothole in the 2nd easternmost lane. Can you please fix? Thanks!
  • You are very welcome. I have passed this along to our team to take care of. You can always call in potholes or other roadway issues to our customer service team, 24/7, at 275-1500. Thanks! Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • One quick follow-up from last week. One of the readers asked about work under the I-44 bridge at the Meramec. Currently, the city is working on some restoration to the river bank after the flooding. They may have some material stored under the bridge. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communciations
  • I have alerted our sign crews to check out the eastbound stop sign at Carr & LKS. I have also notified the streets guys to the pavement condition on Broadway that you described. Thanks for the heads up!
  • A few issues to report:

    1: At the intersection of Carr St and Leonor K. Sullivan (riverfront by Lumiere place), eastbound Carr has a stop sign. The bracket the sign is attached to has been bent to an almost 90 degree angle so it looks like southbound Leonor K is supposed to stop and Carr has the right of way. As a side note, the Stop sign seems to me like it's fairly high up the wall too and could stand to be lowered.

    2: There are a couple of spots on Northbound Broadway between Russell and Sidney street where the pavement is buckling upward. They've been there for a while, but lately they seem to be getting worse and are starting to act like speed bumps in the roadway.
  • Recently, there has been a lot of talk of the potential shut down of existing Illinois road construction projects, not just delaying new projects, because of the Illinois budget crisis. While those of us on the west side of the Mississippi would normally not be too concerned with these developments, decisions made in Springfield will have effects on bridges and ramps connecting the the bi-state region. The question becomes to what extent?

    One of the most significant projects in years is the widening of the Poplar Street Bridge (PSB) and rebuilding of the access ramps on the Missouri side. As we all know, the first three phases of the project are complete and the next two phases to rebuild the ramp from I-55 South across the PSB were scheduled to begin in April of this year after Illinois completed some MLK Connector work. According to MoDOT's website for the PSB project, phases 4 & 5 ( are no longer on schedule: "Due to permit requirements, the work for the new northbound I-55 has been delayed. At this point, MoDOT anticipates starting the work in late 2016."

    Frankly, this sounds rather strange. The first phase began two years ago; clearly, MoDOT knew its own schedule and that it would need permits for phases 4 & 5 two years later. Why is the project delayed approximately 8 months over permitting? What kind of permit could not have been processed early enough not to delay a public works project of this magnitude for this length of time? If true, this situation is at best comical and at worst gross mismanagement. Is the delay really due to the concern that Illinois will not complete their MLK Connector work on time? Does MoDOT intend to hold up phases 4 & 5 on I-55 in Missouri due to Illinois's budget crisis or is there some other explanation? What is the new plan and how does the Illinois debacle enter into the equation? I believe that Missouri taxpayers have a right to know if and how the Illinois budget crisis affects their driving on this side of the river. Thank you.
  • It truly was a permit requirement that created the delay. Permitting approval is often based on the design. You have a river, a levee district and various other organizations who are involved in issuing permits – and often one organization has to agree to permitting the project before others will even consider looking at the permit request. If a permit gets delayed, that often throws a kink into the overall plans. Permitting can be a bit challenging across the Mississippi -- you often have to deal with the same organization in two different regions. For instance, while constructing the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, the FAA permit for the towers were approved on the Missouri side but initially rejected on the Illinois side -- same size, but different FAA regions. Of course, we are continuing to work through the process. At this point, we do not anticipate any delays due to Illinois construction concerns. The PSB project should be starting back up toward the end of this year and continue through 2018. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Is Grand Blvd. scheduled for repaving through Midtown anytime soon?

  • At this time, Grand (through midtown) is not scheduled to be paved in the next year.
  • Good afternoon,
    A few times in the past couple weeks, there has been a significant backup on WB I-44 with drivers attempting to exit at Vandeventer/Kingshighway. The backup tracks well onto the highway to the point that drivers begin lining up on the shoulder all the way back towards Grand. Is this something that can be looked at, such as extending the lights for the off-ramps, so as not to create a line of stopped traffic on the interstate?
  • Do you have a specific time that you are seeing these concerns -- morning rush, evening rush, etc? With some more details, I can share it with our traffic engineers to investigate. Thanks! Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Just curious, over the past month the traffic lights along the Forest Park Parkway have been mentioned not being in sync especially in the afternoon. The last I read you were looking into it. Hasn't anything been done yet? Thank you.
  • We will be revisiting signal timing along Forest Park Parkway between Kingshighway and Vandeventer in order to provide improved progression on this roadway. This is a significant effort so we'll keep you posted on our progress.
  • Are there any plans to fix any of the barrier walls between Sublette and Hampton besides those at the bridge while the middle lanes are closed?
  • I believe you are asking about I-44. On the current portion of work, we are only working on the median barrier about 500 feet on either side of the bridges. We do have some additional work next year on I-44 to do more bridge renovation. We will have more barrier repair work during that project. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • @andrew.gates Sorry, the backups on I-44 WB are occurring around 8am.
  • No problem -- the more information that we can get to the traffic engineers, the better they are able to evaluate the situation. Thanks for the additional detail -- I have passed it on to our traffic team. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • MoDOT..What ever happened to the MoDOT Gasconade Overlook on the northside of US 50? I drove out that way last week, and all I could find was a "picnic area" on the South side not offer any overlook into the Gasconade valley. And while I am here, Anymore on the Missouri River Runner's new engines and passenger cars? When can we hope for more modern travel across Missouri than on the truck congested I-70?
  • I am doing some research on your two questions, and haven't heard back from my experts, yet -- I should be able to answer your questions on the River Runner engines and the Gasconade overlook next week. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Missouri Bottom Road/McKelvey WB to 141 SB. Are there two left turn lanes? It appears to be marked as one left turn lane and one straight lane. People are turning left from the straight lane. Can we put up signage or paint the lanes for what is correct. I've seen and been part of several near misses by people turning left from the straight lane. Also, there is a lot of tar on the concrete at this intersection, while nice for traction when hot, it is very slippery when wet. Can that be removed?
  • I've shared that with our traffic and maintenance team to take a look. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
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