Ask the Road Crew

The construction season around St. Louis is in full swing, so ask our experts from MoDOT,St. Louis and St. Louis County what to expect before you hit the road.Join the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, June 20, at 1 p.m.

    When will the repaving of I-270 be complete? How often is this done?
    The repaving work on I-270 between I-44 and I-55 is set to be finished by the end of the year.  A surface's life span depends on many things, including the type of surface as well as  the amount and type of traffic on that roadway.  Typically, we desire at least a decade out of a new driving surface, but would, of course, prefer it less often as long as the surface is holding out and the roadway remains safe..  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    When is MODOT going to start cutting the grass alongside Highway 94 south of I-64? We used to be able to cut the grass adjoining our property, but when they added those tiny shoulders a couple of years ago, they made the strip so narrow between the ditch and the road so we can no longer cut it. The ditch work on that job is still causing problems.
    Our contract mowing crews are out and moving through the areas.  Our primary focus in each area would be the interstate, followed by arterials such as 94.  Crews are currently working on I-64 in that area, so I would expect this to be cut soon.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    When is the expected finish date for the bridge in Shrewsbury on 44 east/est? What about the expected finish date for the rest of 44 east, from Kingshighway to Jefferson?
    The actual construction on the bridge in Shrewbury should be completed by the end of the year, but we do have some resurfacing work at that area to cover the existing lane lines and give a clean surface that is scheduled for spring 2019.  The bridge work between Kingshighway and Jefferson will continue through 2020.  This winter we have a pedestrian bridge rebuild, and then next year we will do the same bridge work on the westbound side, shifting traffic to the eastbound lanes.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Last week, we had a chatter ask about what appeared to be concrete signal bases left from the Gravois project at Cherokee/Tennessee and Gravois. We did check into that; those are not the old signal bases from our project.  They would have to be something the city would have to check into, and we have passed the information along to them.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communciations
  • SB Hampton at I-64 needs a full time officer that actually enforces traffic laws. I am sick and tired of the random SB driver letting people in front of them from the exit ramp while SB traffic has a green light and the exit ramp has a red light. This is the same as someone stopping under a green light at any other intersection and letting people make a right turn on red in front of them—impeding traffic is supposed to be illegal. What these “courteous” people fail to realize is that there are two right turn lanes from the exit ramp. This means that the left-most right turn lane needs to go to the left-most lane on SB Hampton. This is typically not feasible due to traffic volumes and sight lines and what usually happens is that both right turn lanes end up in the right hand lane of SB Hampton creating a cluster. Since the police refuse to enforce traffic laws, I have two sign requests for this intersection. 1) Swap out the “Right on Red After Stop” signs for “No Right on Red” signs and 2) Install a sign to the effect of “Keep Moving When Green” on the mast arm for SB Hampton.
  • We have put in a work order to add dashed lines to force drivers into the correct lane from both right turn lanes here.  If that doesn't work, we will look at removing the "No Right on Red" signs.  Unfortunately, we do not have a sign that says "Keep Moving on Green" or a similar message.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Are there any major lane expansion projects in St. Louis under consideration by MoDOT?
  • Based on existing funding, we are mostly focusing on taking care of the existing state roadway system at this time. Big projects include the Meramec River Bridge replacement project and work along the I-270 north corridor. The only place where we are adding a lane is across the Mississippi River on the eastbound I-64/northbound I-55 bridge (the Poplar Street Bridge). You can see a full list of the projects that we have funding for (or projected funding for) in our draft State Transportation Improvement Plan, which is currently out for comment:

    2019-2023 DRAFT STIP

    Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • What is the plan with the interchange at Highway 70 and Highway 40/61? The entire interchange is woefully antiquated and cannot handle the daily volume. What will MoDot do when funding arrives for this project?
  • Although we would like to make improvements in this area, we do not have any conceptual plans laid out for this area.  Right now, we are focusing mostly on taking care of the existing roadway system, based on our available funding, so it is unlikely that anything would happen here soon.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Given the construction on I-270 In Maryland Heights, did you adjust any light cycles on 141 to account for the increased volume? It appears not. 141 backs up because every car entering from Creve Coeur Mill gets a quick green upon arrival & 141 has to wait.
  • I believe we have made some adjustments on many of the roadways in the area that would see more traffic from the I-270 work over Fee Fee Creek. You don't say when you are seeing the quick green from Creve Coeur Mill -- is it during rush periods or overnight?  I can pass it along to our traffic team to check out. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • For St. Louis City: About nine months ago, you said that the signal lights on Forest Park Avenue between Grand and Kingshighway would be synchronized by December 2017. This is June 20, 2018, and they still are not synchronized. I’ll admit they’ve gotten better but there are always 2-3 signals that are not coordinated with the others. You are not spending my tax dollars wisely. When, exactly, are these signals going to be synchronized once and for all? I expect more from a city with a $1.1 Billion budget.
  • The signals on Forest Park Parkway between Grand & Kingshighway were re-optimized in November of '17 and there has been a noticeable increase in the quality of traffic signal progression.  However, one major factor that sets Forest Park Parkway apart from other major arterials in the City is that its volumes are both heavy AND bi-directional throughout the day.  Other arterials typically are weighted in one direction during the morning and another direction in the evening.  Forest Park Parkway carries equal (and heavy) volumes in both directions, regardless of what rush period you are in.  As a result, the signal progression can't be prioritized to the dominant direction like another arterial (limiting the number of stops in one direction in the morning and likewise in the other direction in the evening).  We'll continue to monitor the coordination on this arterial as we do with the other arterials and look for opportunities for improvement.
  • On weekends the timing of the traffic light on wb Pershing at Debaliviere is different than weekdays. Pershing is the only way out of our neighborhood, and we sit through more than 4 minutes of red while north/southbound Debaliviere is relatively quiet. More often than you'd care to hear about, the lead car will get tired of being passed over and just make the left on red. Could you look at the timing on weekends?
  • We will look at the timing for Pershing & DeBaliviere on the weekends.  The highest cycle length that road would have is 120 seconds total.  Perhaps an equipment malfunction is to blame - such as vehicle detection that is not consistently registering presence at the approach, leading to delays.
  • Last Tuesday, a water main broke in the 300 block of North Meramec Ave (63105) where it turns into North & South. The water department came out, dug up the road, fixed the break, and replaced the asphalt. Predictably, the asphalt settled and now there is just a large square pothole creating a hazard in the southbound lane of Meramec. The only way to avoid the settled asphalt patch is to swerve into oncoming traffic in the northbound lane. Can you have this looked into?
  • I'll forward this to either Clayton or University City, since one of those two munis would be responsible for this street. St. Louis County maintains North and South but not Meramec. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Why has the light at Chesterfield Parkway West/Swingley Ridge Road been modified to only allow 2-3 cars to turn left? It's leading to a dangerous backup on Chesterfield Parkway just outside of city hall in the morning.
  • I'll check with our signals group and post a reply either later in this chat or in next week's Road Crew. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • What is going on at Forest Park and Grand? It was supposed to closed for 2 weeks, but was reopened after 4 days. Then it was closed in one direction. There is no signage so we have no way of knowing what is closed and when.
  • We are working on making repairs to the I-64 ramps on MoDOT right of way.  That should be finished tomorrow.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • since the new south ramp to enter Hi. 44-55 is shortened (from Downtown) can a sign be erected for the highway drivers that they will have to merge/slow something, people on the highway will not let cars, there have been a couple of accidents.
  • Typically, merging traffic (in this case on the S. Memorial Ramp from downtown) has to match the speed of traffic to merge in.  When that is congested, obviously that can be a bit more challenging.  However, courtesy should dictate that when an interstate is congested and traffic is trying to merge in, you should work to make space for that merging traffic.  This sounds like it is more of an aggressive driver issue, but I will pass it along to the our city traffic team to see if there is anything further they can do.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • You mentioned a few weeks ago that Hampton between Arsenal and Wilson is scheduled for repaving during the next fiscal year beginning 7/1. Any indication if it will be done this calendar year or next calendar year? Thank you.
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