Ask the Road Crew

Ask the Road Crew

Is your route to work giving you a headache because of potholes, poorly timed lights or street construction? Let the experts know, and ask them your questions about highways and roads. The live chat starts at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

    That is a utility cut that we will be patching this month.
    Thanks for your chat time----there has been a large square hole at the corner of Oakland and Macklind that has had a cone, then a sawhorse and now a barrel over it since before Labor Day. Could you shed some insight?
    Last week, A Road Crew chat participant inquired about the signals controlling the intersection of Olive and Kingsland: "The signal is short cycling red and green," the motorist observed, before noting that Missouri American Water Company had, after completing a water main repair project, recently resurfaced pavement approaching this intersection. ST. LOUIS COUNTY'S REPLY: Several vehicle detection loops were damaged during the water company's work. (These loops are embedded in the pavement itself.) Because the compromised loops are currently unable to detect approaching traffic, we set the signal phases to give drivers a minimum "green" every signal cycle - regardless of traffic demand. In other words, a "green" light will appear even if there are no vehicles present. However, we're working with Missouri American Water Company's contractor to replace the damaged loops ASAP, and restore the signals to their normal cycles. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    Later this month, St. Louis County's Department of Transportation will host a series of public meetings to discuss its "Action Plan for Walking and Biking," and solicit residents' feedback on the plan. (For detailed info about the action plan, please visit Our first meeting will be held Oct. 16 at the Brentwood Community Center (2505 S. Brentwood Boulevard), which, as will all four gatherings, begins at 5 p.m. and end at 7:30 p.m. The second meeting will be held Oct. 17 at The Pavilion at Lemay (305 Gregg Road). Our third meeting will be held Oct. 23 at Greensfelder Community Center in Queeny Park (550 Weidman Road). Our fourth and final meeting will be held Oct. 24 at the Ferguson Community Center )1050 Smith Avenue, in Ferguson). We encourage residents to attend and learn about our plans to develop an enhanced bike and pedestrian network throughout St. Louis County, and to share their ideas about potential steps we can take to achieve that goal. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    On Tesshire Drive at Grant's Trail, I'm confused about some signage. The trail has "STOP" signs. The road has fluorescent yellow diamond signs, with an image of a bike and a ped, along with an arrow pointing at the marked crosswalk. Obviously, trail users are supposed to stop (and yield?). What are motorists supposed to do?

    According to Missouri law, motorists must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.  The “Trail” crossing signs were installed to alert motorists of the probability of encountering a pedestrian ahead.  Great Rivers Greenway installs the trail “Stop” signs because the organization doesn't  want trail users to blindly enter a crossing without first stopping to look and ensure that traffic is going to yield. David Wrone, St. Louis County

    STL County: we are residents of Clayton. We noticed your crews installing the in-pavement sensors for the traffic signals on Clayton between Big Bend and Skinker. However, they do not seem to be hooked up as the signals run on the same cycle at all hours of the day and night. Could you please have these set up to be reactive to traffic after 7 PM until 7 AM? Thank you.

    Following Up: We're working with our Clayton Road contractor to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Some of the new loops are installed and working properly, while others have been installed but haven't been hooked up. However, some of the new loops must be re-installed due to errors by the contractor.  Other loops can’t be installed until pavement repairs are made. If residents/motorists have a particular intersection in mind, we can find out more detail for that particular location. You can email me at David Wrone, St. Louis County

  • Dwrone - Thank you for checking on the Clayton Rd signals. Also, could you dispatch a paint crew to re-stripe Oakland between Concordia and Big Bend (directly behind the esquire)? This has needed attention for many years and what is left is badly faded.
  • You'll need to contact the City of Richmond Heights about Oakland. St. Louis County doesn't maintain it. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    Hi, and as always thanks for these chats.

    Can you give any details as to what kind of road work is happening on Elm in Webster Groves between Kirkham and Big Bend? A few weeks ago there was a ton of dusty gravel all over the roadway, and now the roadway is just plain rough. A few crosswalk lines have been painted but still no lane lines (very dangerous at night and wet weather) and I really hope the pavement isn't going to stay as it is -- needs something smoother in my opinion. What's the plan here?

    Kirkham in Webster Groves between Marshall and Elm needs lane lines as well. Many drivers don't know where they should be and during rush hour it can get a little dicey! Any ETA on lane lines?

    And as for northbound Kirkham between Newport and Marshall, when will the right lane be open?

    Thanks for your time!!
    Please contact Webster Groves about this issue, as St. Louis County doesn't maintain Elm. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • I ran across a couple of potential sensor issues on Tuesday. The first was on SB Lindbergh at Tesson Ferry. At 1pm, I had to sit through two cycles in the left turn lane, the first one was with just my vehicle in the turn lane.

    The second was at I-44 and Berry, where the off-ramp and left turn lane seem to be getting extended green time, for no apparent reason (this happens both in the middle of the afternoon and in the evening, after rush hour). Thanks!
  • Thank you for sharing your observation.  We will look into this situation.
    Teresa Krenning, MoDOT
    On east bound 44 at the Vandeventer exit there is quite the dip developing in the exit lane as you come off of the new bridge. Seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

    -Don From Eureka
  • How long is the red light supposed to be for northbound Sublette at Manchester in STL City at 7am? It took 5 minutes to cycle this morning and I think the only reason why it did was due to cars running the first red light at the UPRR tracks and triggering the detection zone between the tracks and Manchester. I drive through there 1-2 times every weekday and this happens about once every two weeks. The signal gets “stuck” and won’t cycle for northbound Sublette when someone is stopped as indicated at the south side of the UPRR tracks. This has been a recurring issue for quite some time (even during the middle of the day), I have complained about this very issue on this board before, and it would be much appreciated if you could adjust your cameras or do whatever else it takes to resolve this issue. This morning, I almost witnessed a head-on collision when an impatient person decided to pass the long line of cars waiting at this malfunctioning signal only to be greeted with a legally turning southbound motorist. Please do something about this. Thank you.
  • Hi. As you approach highway 55 on east bound Reavis Barracks there are 3 lanes. The inside lane eventually becomes the north bound 55 turn lane but it starts out with a double yellow line on its right and the concrete median on the left. My understanding is that you never cross a double yellow line and most people don't use it. Why the line?
  • I understand your concern and appreciate you sharing this information.  The safety of the motoring public, as well as the workers along the highways is one our top priorities and values.  Procedures and training are in place to help reduce the potential of putting either the workers or the motoring public in harms way.  Our construction crews will be made aware of this situation and will handle appropriately.  Thank you.  Teresa Krenning, MoDOT
    Yesterday I was on eastbound 44 at Vandeventer in the far right lane when one of your workers magically appeared out of nowhere and climbed over the concrete barrier on the shoulder and was doing lord knows what. It started the heck out of me to the point I almost hit the vehicle next to me. Is there anywhere I can drive in this state where your people are not making things more dangerous for people who are just trying to get from point a to point b? Horrible.

    -Rene Auberjonois
  • There should not be a traffic signal and Stop sign in place to control the same movement, and in this case, the right turn lane.  Typically, the right turn lanes are under yield control unless there are sight distance issues.  We will have one of our Traffic engineers take a closer look into the signing at this intersection.  Thank you.  Teresa Krenning, MoDOT
    Exiting from I-64 eastbound on McKnight Road heading southbound, there is a stop light and also a stop sign for southbound traffic. If the light is green, are you still supposed to stop at the stop sign or does the traffic signal override it? Seems confusing to have a stop sign and traffic signal so close together like that. Thanks!

  • Good Afternoon!
    On Skinker Blvd and Forsythe there is green paint that runs alongside the painted crosswalk. I'm curious what the green is for? Thanks!
  • Washington University spearheaded an intersection improvement project at that location to include pedestrian and bicycle accommodations - including green paint to better to increase awareness & visibility of heavy bicycle crossings over Skinker Blvd between the University and Forest Park.
  • STL City - What is the timeline for getting sensor detection equipment installed for the signals at Kingshighway & Oakland, and for Kingshighway & Fyler? These are 30 years overdue.
  • There has been vehicle detection at both of these locations for some time now.  We will verify operation at these intersections.  Our staff is in the process of replacing older detection units with newer ones - will see if these are on the list for replacement already. Thanks!
    If the weather cooperates, we expect to be complete with this work.  Thanks.  Teresa Krenning, MoDOT
    Will the downtown ramps project be complete after this weekend's epoxy overlay is finished or do you still have more closures scheduled?

    -Metro traveler
    Thank you for your feedback on the traffic congestion issues at this intersection.  We are taking steps to help relieve the congestion in this area.  The traffic signals along MO 141 will be evaluated for any timing adjustments with an active signal optimization project.  In addition, there is a current project to modify the southbound right lane exits to eastbound and westbound I-44.  Thanks, Teresa Krenning, MoDOT
    The intersection of Vance/Forest with 141 is a problem. It still backs up on the Vance side of 141 during rush hour, sometimes beyond Valley Park's flood gate. I don't see why MODOT didn't put a right turn acceleration lane for traffic from Vance Road to southbound 141 in. There wasn't a good right turn lane before the intersection until they put in that gas station. Between people blocking the intersection when the light changes, and the blinking yellow arrow Forest AVE has trying to make a right turn ends up allowing between 1 to 3 cars per light cycle. I have seen all lights green on the Vance side, and some yahoo will get out in the intersection from Forest AVE on the yellow arrow and by the time the backup clears enough for you to make a right turn, the yellow arrow yahoos are blocking you. Really smart decision not to have any protected right turn time for Vance. People from Forest continue to cut over to the far right lane, when they should be turning into the far left lane. Either get rid of their blinking yellow during rush hour, put in an acceleration right turn lane for Vance, or make no left from Forest AVE to 141, and have Forest make a right then that J-turn.

    -Fed Up
    We will provide a response to this concern next week.  Thanks, Teresa Krenning, MoDOT
    MoDOT recently announced plans to demolish and not rebuild the pedestrian overpass on I-55 near Reavis Barracks that connects two residential areas. MoDOT recently demolished and re-constructed a very nice, ADA-compliant pedestrian overpass on I-70 near St. Louis Avenue that connects crumbling, vacant buildings on one side of the highway and industrial businesses on the other. How does this make sense? Is this the best use of funding? Not to me.


    The expansion joints on the bridge are past their intended design life. MoDOT has a rehab project planned for construction in 2022 that will replace the expansion joints, provide a new driving surface, and repaint portions of the bridge. MoDOT maintenance forces are doing everything to keep the bridge in safe driving condition until the project can be awarded.  Thank you.  Teresa Krenning, MoDOT


    Thanks for all of the feedback your team provides! I cross the JB Bridge daily, and again this week for multiple days one or more lanes have been closed to work on expansion joint issues. This is becoming a yearly problem, and almost always in the same spot on the bridge - the eastern end of the east-bound bridge. What is the problem that a permanent solution cannot be found? I am surprised because compared to other bridges in the region these are not that old.

    -IL commuter
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