Confused about highway construction? Ask the Road Crew, 1 p.m.

Confused about highway construction? Ask the Road Crew, 1 p.m.

Ask the experts from the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis and St. Charles counties and St. Louis City your questions about highways and roads. The live chat starts at 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

    For MODOT - on the I-44 & Big Bend bridge replacement project, now that it's close to being completed (with just getting the double left turns open on the exit ramps, along with some landscaping), I'm seeing a potential conflict with the new striping on Big Bend. The ends of the double yellow center line pretty much align with the stop bars for the four through lanes. The stop bars for the two left turn lanes (on top of the bridge, onto the two on ramps) are set back at least a car length, presumably to give traffic exiting I-44 room to make the double turns. I'm seeing multiple people turning left from Big Bend (onto I-44), waiting for traffic to clear, stopping where the yellow striping ends, not 25' back. It would probably be better to have the yellow striping end at the left turn stop bars, similar to the striping for eastbound Big Bend at Sappington, a little further east. Otherwise, you'll be creating unneeded conflicts, especially given the reduced stacking capacity of the on-bridge left turn lanes.
    I have shared your observations with our construction team overseeing the project.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Do we know an approx time frame when the Broadway Street project over I-44 will be completed?
    The Broadway Bridge replacement over I-44 is scheduled to be complete late next spring/early next summer.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communication
    Would it be possible to widen Gravois Road between Laclede Station and Grant Road? Currently there are 4 lanes, two in each direction, and it is dangerous at any time near the beginning or end of school with Cor Jesu traffic. A center left turn lane would benefit not only traffic heading into school, but also residents of the Grantwood Village subdivision, across the street. and a dedicated right turn lane, into the school, for northbound Gravois traffic, also seems quite justified.

    Another idea is to coordinate the stoplights so that all Gravois traffic is stopped in both directions - at Grant and at Laclede Station - during rush hours. This would let cars turn into and out of school more safely.

    With the steady stream of traffic from Laclede Station onto Gravois Southbound, cars cannot safely turn left out of Cor Jesu. With nearby stoplights at Grant and Laclede Station, I don’t think another light is feasible. But something should be done to make this area safer.

    Drivers simply aren’t prepared to stop in traffic lanes for left turns, anymore. And with the high school owning most of the necessary property on the south side of the road, it seems like this would be easier to acquire the right of way than some projects.

    All drivers on gravois would benefit from these changes - not just students and their families. To me this seems a worthwhile candidate for scarce county or modot time and money. Thanks for any reply.
    Thank you for sharing your observations. At this time, we have no plans for doing any widening along Route 30 in St. Louis County.  We do have a resurfacing project currently set for the future, so I'll share your observations with the team to consider options as we move forward, and to see if there are any options to tweak the signal timing. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    When can we start seeing construction start on Mckelvey Road for sidewalk installation and repavement between smoke rise ct. and creve cour mill road? I know part of it has been started and looks like almost completed between Ameling and Smoke Rise.
    Work on this phase of McKelvey Road - from Glenpark to Creve Coeur Mill Road - won't begin until next spring, at the earliest. David Wrone, St. Louis County's Department of Transportation
    Under the Clayton Road overpass on 270 on each side there is a wooden structure that was built to assist in some sort of maintenance of the overpass some time ago. The work looks to have been done for i would say at least a year but the wooden structure is still there on both sides of the highway. Is that normal or should of it been taken down by the contractor?
  • Looking at that structure, I believe that it was left there to help our inspection team when they go out to monitor or inspect the bridge.  The slope underneath the bridge is pretty steep, so this gives our bridge team a place to safely stand when they are inspecting key components of the bridge in that location.  I have passed your observation along to our maintenance team to verify that is correct and that it is still needed.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Question for the City: I heard somewhere that all of the streets near the new soccer stadium will be repaved, i.e. Market, S. 20th, etc. Is this correct? Also, will 18th/Truman Parkway, especially near Union Station be included? It really needs it.
  • Thank you for bringing this concern to my attention. On the original planning, right of ways around new soccer Stadium was slated for paving, mostly due to this being a major construction project. 18th / Truman Parkway, was not included in initial blueprints. I'll check to see if other projects include this location...Larry Tyler  / Streets & Traffic Liaison
    Does the city have any plans on improving river des Peres blvd?
  • Thanks for bringing this concern to my attention. Street Department crews have started paving projects in multiple areas of City of St. Louis. I'll check and see if River Des Peres project is slated for this paving cycle...Larry Tyler  / Street & Traffic Liaison
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