Discuss transgender issues with Post-Dispatch reporters

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters Doug Moore, Blythe Bernhard and Jesse Bogan wrote a series of articles for Sunday's paper about families and individuals dealing with transgender issues. Ask them a question and join the discussion.

    The policy should be very simple. Until a child is a legal adult and can make the medical decision to change sexual characteristics of their body, their biological body has to be the determining factor when it comes to invading the privacy of the opposite sex. This is not about gender. If a child has gender dysphoric disorder to an extreme that makes it uncomfortable for them to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex, then that disability should be accommodated with a private bathroom along with appropriate medical counseling and treatment to deal with their medical and psychological issues.

    A dear friend of mine is transgender. Before her surgery as an adult, she wouldn't have dreamed of insisting on sharing a locker room with girls in school or making women uncomfortable by forcing her way into the ladies room. She made her own accommodations for her condition until she transitioned. In other words, like any self-actualized human being, she took responsibility for herself.
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