Talk about that new Civic Center Transit Center

On Aug. 14, MetroBus will resume service at the revamped Civic Center Transit Center. That's when 23 MetroBus routes that serve downtown will meet at the transit center and connect riders with MetroLink. Four existing MetroBus routes will be split into eight new routes, with shorter routes giving more direct service and better reliability. Join the experts for the monthly chat on Wednesday, August 2 at noon to learn more.

    South City Rider,

    I know how frustrating it can be to nearly miss a connection. I will share your feedback with our MetroBus team, who can ensure that the #70 Grand does not depart the Grand MetroLink Station ahead of schedule. If the bus is running on schedule and you don’t make a connection, it may be that that bus-rail connection is not the scheduled connection. We endeavor to minimize the wait time between connections, but since the buses and trains aren’t always operating the same frequency, it may be that the next bus is the “scheduled” connection. If you experience this at a particular time of day and day type (weekday, Saturday, Sunday), please let me know so that we can target our inquiry.

    Regarding our Securitas contract security personnel, their management team, as well as our Metro Public Safety personnel are monitoring their performance. I will share your concerns with our Public Safety management.
    Two requests, albeit unrelated to the new Civic Center:
    1) Often, the 70 Southbound bus leaves several seconds earlier than most people who 2) I am used to seeing the private security not actively interacting or patrolling the platforms--sometimes they are on their phones away from the platform. What quality assurance measures are in place to ensure the job is being performed as required?
    up the stairs at the Grand station. Since it seems this 70 Southbound departure is coordinated with the train, can their be a visual delay to account for delayed trains, please (it seems the overall schedule is dictated more by traffic/lights in the PM)?
    I would love to take the bus to work. I live in south city and a bus currently stops one block from my house and drops me off at my employers front door. However, it takes 45+ minutes versus a 15 minute drive. Why are there so many stops? I would happily walk a couple blocks to shave 20 minutes off of my transit time.
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