Talk to Metro about June 13 service change

Every quarter, Metro looks at passenger feedback, trip data and area road construction to make service adjustments that’ll improve transit performance. What changes are coming to your commute on June 13? Metro can answer all of your questions. Join the experts at noon on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

  • Good afternoon, St. Louis. Metro is busy gearing up for the June 13, 2016 service change, which will include changes to several MetroBus routes throughout the St. Louis region. Construction on the Civic Center Transit Center in downtown St. Louis continues to move ahead as planned. The facility will offer safer, more convenient connections, an indoor waiting area with public restrooms and more. We look forward to answering your questions today.
  • Metro plans to reopen two track train traffic across the Eads Bridge on June 13, 2016. For the last four years the system has operated in single track mode with trains alternating east and west across one lane of traffic.
    Initially there will still be a few speed restrictions in place across the bridge, but for the Aug 22 service change the MetroLink construction schedule will end. What this means is the junction of the Red and Blue lines at the Forest Park / DeBaliviere station will change back to a schedule where the east and west red line trains will meet at the platform, followed a few minutes later by both east and west trains for the blue line. This will restore the Shrewsbury to Lambert connections initially enjoyed when the system opened.
    The goal of the Eads Bridge project was to extend the life of that iconic bridge another 50 years. It will have been completed under budget but with some time delays due largely to high water conditions that did occur at various points along the project. The project was managed by Metro’s Engineering Department. It was funded by an ARRA grant, and will be completed within the guidelines for that program.
    The project included an interlocking on the East side of the Eads Bridge that allowed for the single track operations across the span. That project was funded by the Federal Transit Administration and the St. Clair County Transit District both of which have been active partners throughout the project.
    We are excited to have the full use of the bridge restored to us. Our Operations Team has done an excellent job maintaining high levels of on-time performance throughout the construction process, but the loosening of the restriction will allow us to improve our response to issues that do sometimes occur on the MetroLink system.
  • Will the service change affect Metrolink train service?
  • Rachel,
    The June MetroLink service change has some minimal time changes to the MetroLink schedule. The bigger change will occur in August when the train schedules will go back as described below.
  • There are two bus stops with nice shelters that are not being used. In contrast, old folks outside of Forest Park Metrolink station are waiting under hot sun with not even a chair let alone shelter. Does Metro have plans of using and/or repurposing unused shelters?
  • Aligo,
    Repurposing shelters is something we sometimes do, however we are more inclined to add new shelters if possible. The choice of where a shelter might be placed is a combination of many factors including use, potential for advertising, and Security and Safety concerns. Generally we work with the surrounding community in the placement of shelters and benches. There has been much construction along this route which is soon coming to an end. We will review this location for the possibility of additional investments.
  • Hi, could you look into scheduling the 14 and 80 to arrive at the CWE center a couple mins earlier in the evenings? They're always ahead of schedule so I don't think they'd need to leave their starting points any earlier. It would result in better connection to westbound Metrolink. Thanks
  • Richard,
    Your request will be forwarded to our Schedule Team for review.
  • You will be gaining ridership and doing good to the community if downtown trolley goes all the way to Grand station. There are many wells fargo employees who come from the west than east. Any thoughts?
  • Aligo,
    The 99 now connects the Wells Fargo facility from either the Union Station or Convention Center stations. Extending the Downtown Trolley to Grand wouldn’t create much in the way of time savings and would be fairly costly to implement. Still, it would create a better connection to the largest bus line in the region and that would merit a review. We will take a look at it.
  • To All:
    Thank you for participating in this month’s Transit Chat. Thank you to our hosts at the Post-Dispatch. We will be back in July to do it again.
    Many thanks to our riders who have provided so much feedback about the new North County Transit Center. We appreciate all of the comments and commendations that have been received and look forward to further developing the service potential that the facility may allow in the future.
    Metro would also like to give a shout out to the St. Louis Blues for a successful and highly entertaining season. It was a very fun ride!
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