Talk to Metro about buses and MetroLink

Talk to Metro about buses and MetroLink

Ask anything about bus and train schedules, security, fares and more in our monthly chat with the Metro experts. Join them on Wednesday, Dec. 7, at noon to get answers to all your questions about the mass-transit way to get around the St. Louis area.

    Good Afternoon, St. Louis. We are looking forward to chatting with you this afternoon about transit in St. Louis!
    Downtown Resident,

    On occasion, Metro must close a portion of our MetroLink tracks for construction. This Saturday, December 10 – 11, we will not operate trains between the Union Station and Stadium Stations. Buses will be available to transport customers between these stations. Metro plans this work when customers will be least impacted, however our vibrant City has special events every weekend and some event impact cannot be avoided. If you are traveling to the Hot Chocolate Run this weekend, I recommend that westbound customers take MetroLink to Stadium MetroLink Station and walk 0.7 miles to the race starting point at Soldier’s Memorial. Eastbound customers can take the train to Union Station, and walk 0.5 miles to Soldier’s Memorial.
    Metro tells us they understand that a lot of people use MetroLink for special events. Then why did they schedule a train delay on the weekend of the Choclate Run in Downtown?
    Why doesn't Metro offer a text option to contact security?
    John T,

    Metro has received many customer requests for a text option connecting them to Metro Public Safety and local law enforcement. Metro has explored some technology solutions that would enable customers to text information, however the more challenging element of providing this type of service is interfacing text content with the security dispatch from both Metro and local law enforcement (City of St. Louis Municipal Police Department, St. Louis County Police, St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department). Many examples of this “see something text something” technology do not include a real time response to reports, which is what our customers desire. Instead, customers can call Metro Public Safety Dispatch at 314-982-6873 to report nuisance or unlawful activity. This number will connect you directly to our dispatchers who can take action. If you witness more serious unlawful activity, I encourage you to call 911 to reach local law enforcement quickly.
    Does Metro have any say in creating a bikeshare network? If so, what's the latest?

    There is an ongoing regional conversation about implementing bike share in St. Louis. This conversation began with a feasibility study supported by our regional bicycle advocacy organizations that outlined a feasible bikeshare approach including program costs and implementation strategies. At this time this program still needs an owner, champions, and funding. Bi-State Development is actively participating in that conversation, and while we don’t yet have a definitive answer to if and when bikeshare is coming, I can report there has been positive momentum lately. Stay tuned…
    Why aren't there more Fair Inspectors? You pay you ride You don't pay You don't ride

    I appreciate your desire to see more Metro fare inspectors on the transit system. At present, our primary approach to fare inspection is to intercept customers at the station before they board a MetroLink train. This presence is also bolstered by roving fare inspectors. Metro has recently mad a push to increase the number of team members on the system. We have also engaged the assistance of our local law enforcement entities, including the City of St. Louis Municipal Police Department, St. Louis County Police, and St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department. You may be aware that Metro is in the process of implementing a new “smart card” fare collection system. You may have seen the new validators near station entrances. Once this program is fully deployed, likely next year, all customers will tap or validate their fare prior to boarding. Invalid fares will be displayed with a red light and audible sound. We anticipate this draw attention to, and reduce instances of invalid fare / no fare.
    how is the gateway card rollout progressing? (I've got one, and I love it!)

    Glad to hear you’re happy with the Gateway Card, I too love my card. We are still in testing stages (thank you for helping with that!), but we anticipate beginning a phased rollout of the cards in 2017. Stay tuned…
    Are there any TOD projects in the works currently?
    Who enforces the stop signs on the Shrewbury Transit Station grounds? They are routinely violated and it's dangerous for me and my fellow pedestrians, especially with our increased darkness these days.

    Thank you for bringing the issue of stop sign adherence at Shrewsbury MetroLink Station. I will bring this issue to our Public Safety Team, who will request that St. Louis County Police enforce any violations.

    Thanks for your interest in transit oriented development (TOD). There are several TOD projects moving into implementation now, including the following:

    • Metro Landing at Swansea: 62 affordable senior housing units at the Swansea MetroLink Station (2018)
    • Armory Redevelopment: Craft brewery, office, restaurant, retail, and hotel at the old Armory site near Grand MetroLink (2018)
    • City Foundry and Food Hall: Food Hall, restaurant, office, and future residential tower at the old Foundry site near Grand MetroLink (Phase I completion in 2018, Phase II TBD)
    • Ballpark Village Phase II: Office building, retail center and apartment tower near Stadium MetroLink Station (2019)
    • BJC/Washington University School of Medicine Mid Campus Center and Campus Renewal: Administrative office buildings, book store and café, inpatient buildings for BJC and St. Louis Children’s Hospital near Central West End MetroLink Station (Mid Campus: 2017, Campus Renewal: 2020)
    • Cortex 3.0: lab/office space, boutique hotel, ground floor retail and restaurants, apartments near future Boyle MetroLink Station (2018)
    • The Everly: Student housing with ground floor retail near Delmar MetroLink Station
    • St. Louis Venture Works Expansion: Addition of 10,000 sf small business incubator space at the Wellston MetroLink Station (2017)

    In 2017, Metro will begin working with partners including the City of St. Louis, St. Louis Development Corporation and East-West Gateway Council of Governments on TOD planning focused on the proposed Northside-Southside MetroLink corridor. This work is intended to help identify infrastructure necessary for supporting transit access and TOD, and to create a framework that will allow for the incremental, successful buildout of TOD across the transit system.
    Thank you for a lively chat this afternoon! We'll be back next month. If you have any additional questions, keep the conversation going by following us on Facebook or Twitter!
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