Talk to Metro about buses and MetroLink

Talk to Metro about buses and MetroLink

Ask anything about bus and train schedules, security, fares and more in our monthly chat with the Metro experts. Join them on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at noon to get answers to all your questions about the mass-transit way to get around the St. Louis area.

    Hello St. Louis! We’re looking forward to a great discussion this afternoon. We continue to work on a number of exciting projects for 2017 and we’re also preparing for exciting events in St. Louis, including Mardi Gras parade festivities, which will occur later this month. We’ll have more information about special Mardi Gras service on the blog, so stay tuned. In meantime, we’re happy to answer any transit questions you may have.
    What can we do about drivers parking in bus stops? I guess enforcement is a municipal function? As would painting a box with an X and the words "Bus Stop" on the street as I've seen in other cities?

    Enforcement of parking restrictions in bus stop zones is a function of municipal police. We have worked with the City of St. Louis and others in many instances to place two signs, one at each end of the bus stop zone, to indicate the no parking zone.
    Will the MetroLink funding bill currently being passed through the city be enough to begin expansion?

    MetroLink expansion will require support across several levels including local, federal and state funding. Local funding is the first step of many that would need to take place to advance light rail expansion in the St. Louis region.
    Metro is dangerous!!! Why aren't you doing anything about it?

    The safety of Metro customers and employees is our highest priority. In addition to Metro Public Safety Personnel and contract Security post guards and fare inspectors, Metro contracts with the City of St. Louis Municipal Police Department; St. Louis County Police Department; and St. Clair County Sheriff’s Deputies. The region has increased law enforcement spending on the Metro Transit System by 30% this past year. Metro Transit has also added additional Public Safety personnel to key stations, including the North County Transit Center.

    If you have witnessed or experienced a specific public safety incident, I encourage you to report this to Metro Customer Service at 314-982-1406. If you or other customers witness a public safety incident or suspicious activity on the system, you may call Metro Public Safety Dispatch at 314-982-6873. For more serious events, please call 911.

    Metro does have a small fleet of 60’ articulated buses that are currently being operated primarily on the #70 Grand corridor. Metro is actively exploring the addition of additional 60’ buses to our system, though we have determined we will need a different model. To that end, we are actively testing other bus models, including some battery electric buses. Stay tuned for more
    The articulated buses have been out for a while, are they going to be expanded to other bus routes?

    The Gateway Card program, which is Metro’s new fare collection system, remains in a test phase. This program includes replacing or upgrading all of Metro’s fare collection equipment, including fare boxes, ticket vending machines, hand held validators for fare inspectors, etc. The project also interfaces with several other systems at Metro, including IT servers; our automatic vehicle location (AVL) program; our dispatch and personnel management programs; our financial and ridership accounting systems, among others. Metro is also engaged with potential third-party vendors like grocery stores to create a network of retail outlets that would sell or re-load these Gateway cards. Metro has also created an website to support the project, which will include opportunities to check balances, load value or products, and interact with customer support. Each of these pieces of technology and their associated interfaces must be tested, and we are in the process of doing so. We have a network of volunteer testers on the Metro system now, and we are using information from these experiences to improve this product. The process is long, but be assured that each of these steps will ensure a more successful project launch, and a more effective product for you and other customers.

    We anticipate expanding our test program to begin wider distribution of Gateway Cards this year, so stay tuned.
    Why is it taking so long for the gateway card to be implemented is almost been four years actually been talking about it for almost 7 years
    It would be great if the 5:03 p.m. 47 North Hanley bus would have a couple minutes later departure. The train arrives at 5:00 or 5:01 and sometimes the 47 drivers pull out early so you miss the connection.

    Thank you for sharing information about your experience with connections between MetroLink and the #47 North Hanley. I presume you are referring to the departure at 5:03pm at the Clayton MetroLink Station? In the event this is the case, I have shared your experience with our Scheduling Department, and we will adjust the schedule of the #47 North Hanley for this trip to ensure the connection is made. The team is working on this request now. You can expect to see an adjustment during our next service change, scheduled for Monday, March 13. Schedules will be available on our website two weeks in advance of the service change.
    Speaking of the Gateway card, any idea when that website for reloading cards will be up for those of us testing them?

    We anticipate that the Gateway Card website will be operational for testers this spring, with the specific date forthcoming. Thank you for helping us advance this important program!

    Local police patrols of MetroLink have increased significantly, and these teams are inspecting fares onboard. Most stations also have post guards assigned during operating hours, and these individuals are also tasked with inspecting fares. Some of our least busy stations have less coverage than others. I am interested in knowing which stations you are using so I can share this feedback with Metro Public Safety. Would you mind providing that information here, or to Customer Service at, or 314-982-1406?
    I haven't seen or had my ticket checked in months. Is there a reason for this? Several other regular riders are wondering the same thing.
    Thank you, St. Louis for a lively chat. Questions today covered the smart card project, MetroLink expansion and public safety. We'll be back next month, and can provide updates on all of these items as well as any other issues on your mind. In the meantime, you may reach us at; 314-982-1406; or by following us on social media including Facebook and Twitter.
    Jereme, thank you for providing the specific information about your trip. I have shared this with our Public Safety and Executive management.
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