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Spring is in the air - and the Forest Park Trolley is the perfect way to explore all of the fun attractions Forest Park has to offer when it begins service later this month. In the meantime, have a transit question for Metro? Join the experts at noon on Wednesday, April 5, 2016.

  • Good afternoon St. Louis! Spring is here and things are getting busy around the region as the Cardinals kick off another season and the St. Louis Blues start postseason action. Later this month, we’ll restart seasonal service on the Forest Park Trolley to all your favorite Forest Park attractions. Until then, ask us your transit questions. Thanks!
  • Saw the electric bus, what the likelihood Metro will get one? And when?
  • Jerry,

    Metro is indeed testing systems of electric buses. The technology has evolved to the point that the range of buses we are testing can serve some of Metro’s routes. At this time, we are seeking funding to help support the cost of acquiring electric buses and the associated equipment and infrastructure needed to support them. Electric buses are considerably more expensive than diesel buses, so the Federal Transit Administration on occasion offers competitive grant programs intended for the purchase of low-emissions vehicles. Once Metro secures funding and awards a contract to a manufacturer, it typically takes two years to build and deliver the vehicles.
  • With the passage of prop 1, what will that money be used for? My understanding is it is a small portion of what is needed for N/S metrolink.
  • Gagepac,

    Mayor Slay is confident that the new local funds will provide sufficient local match to attract the federal funding necessary to construct a new MetroLink expansion in the City. We are not in a position to comment on the sufficiency of funding, which is, and always has been, the responsibility of the local jurisdictions and the East West Gateway Council of Governments. We will work with all involved to help achieve the objectives of the jurisdictions we serve. We are very proud that we are delivering a service which the region can confidently invest in and which has repeatedly earned the support of the voters.
  • Why doesn't Metro offer free fare on voting days?
  • UncleSam,

    Metro has historically received numerous requests for ride free days on election days, holidays, ozone action days, etc. Passenger revenue is a critical source of support for transit service, and as such free-fare days must be applied thoughtfully. Metro recently committed to considering offering a free fare day on the next presidential election day, stay tuned for more.
  • Will the #1 bus return to its former route in the CWE someday?
  • Richard,

    At this time, Metro does not plan to return the routing of the #1 Gold to its former routing on Euclid. There is considerable difficulty obtaining space for bus stops, and the narrow streets and heavy traffic make bus operations difficult. Instead, Metro is providing service on Taylor.
  • Does Metro have any plans to increase frequency of bus routes, modify bus routes (such as eliminating low use ones), or add off-bus pay stations on certain lines?

    If the city wanted to increase the frequency of the top ten bus routes, does Metro have the ability to quantify that cost? Is it much?
  • Pat,

    Metro is embarking on a new project called Metro Reimagined, which will take a fresh look at our transit system with a focus on MetroBus service. This process is commonly conducted by transit agencies that aim to refine their service strategy. The results of this project include: a detailed analysis of our existing system’s performance; the development of new service concepts for internal and public consideration, along with an implementation plan.
    Through this process we will explore changes to service routing, scheduling, service types, etc. We will be discussing service frequency, but any additional frequency would require supporting revenue as well as equipment like vehicles.
    We expect to launch a public conversation about Metro Reimagined in June, including a project website, public meetings, online surveys, etc. Please stay tuned!
  • MetroLink Rider, oligo and Adam:
    Metro is working internally and with our partners to enhance security on the Metro transit system. Many different forms of security are being considered and will be reviewed with our regional partners to determine the resources and opportunities to be successful.
    Metro does not have security guards on all 37 MetroLink platforms during the 21 hour service day. We employ a mixture of fixed and roving patrols to provide maximum security coverage and visibility. At many stations like Shrewsbury and Union Station, guards patrol the bus waiting areas, MetroLink platforms and in some instances parking lots.
    We appreciate your comments and value your input. We have and will continue to share the experiences of customers like you with our team, including our partner police units and contract security provider so that together we may improve public safety across the Metro transit system.
  • Now that the City voted to expand Metrolink, will there be real improvements to security? I know that after the tragic murder, that you Metro has claimed that there are security guards at every station, but that is simply not true. I mainly ride at rush hour and do not see guards on every platform. Other riders that I know agree that is not the case. When there are security guards, most of them never even check for tickets or passes, especially at Union Station. I walk past them every day and they never ask to see if I have a pass or ticket. At a minimum, I would think that Metro would need to find a different security company. The ones at the Shrewsbury station never check either. I have been checked on the trains by County police, but never by City police, whom I have never seen on the train or platforms since being a user starting in 2006. Please tell me and other concerned riders that more security is on the way. I am tired of being asked for money almost daily, people smoking on platforms, the loud music, and the foul language that is prohibited, but mostly ignored.
  • Why don't you enforce fares on all riders?
  • When can we expect disguised officers to catch folks selling weed, loud music aboard trains? Unless something of that sort happens, it will be difficult to curb unruly behavior.
  • Oligo,

    Around the country and here in the St. Louis area, public transit proves to be a good investment in the economic vitality of a region, and residents of the City of St. Louis echoed that yesterday. Regional leadership through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments will decide on where the next MetroLink expansion would go, and once the decision is made, our role is to lend our expertise to help plan, design and build the new extension. It is up to our regional leaders to determine how any new MetroLink extension would be funded locally.
  • Now that proposition 2 has passed, what can we expect about north-south expansion from Metro?
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