Talk to Metro about buses and MetroLink

Summer is on the way, and you can talk to Metro about riding MetroLink and buses to get to all sorts of events around St. Louis. Join the experts for the monthly chat on Wednesday, June 7 at noon.

  • It's a lovely day to be in St. Louis. Good afternoon, we are looking forward to talking with you about transit in the St. Louis region. Tomorrow is the celebratory groundbreaking of the Cortex MetroLink Station, which will mark the start of a major project to improve infrastructure and transportation options for the region. This project will include the new Chouteau Greenway bike and pedestrian path, the extension of the platform at the Central West End MetroLink Station, and the construction of the new Cortex MetroLink Station, which will be located between the Grand and Central West End Stations near Boyle Avenue. The greenway and new MetroLink Station are scheduled to open in 2018.
  • Also, I noticed a new site where individuals can report less than life-threatening crimes or infractions (littering, loud music, drug deals, etc.). I know it's NOT an official Metro page but it seems like a great idea. As an almost daily rider of the bus and Metrolink, using a phone or the emergency intercom might put me in danger if I were to report everything that goes on. Is Metro planning on making such an application available to riders? Perhaps even a vetted sub-group of riders who act as the eyes and ears of the system? Otherwise, I'll continue to use the site (which is in case anyone wanted to see).
  • Hi and thanks for answering questions. My question regards the hot topic, security. It's my understanding that not a single one of the 150+ security guards or Metro "public safety officers" can write a citation or make an arrest. I'm sure they're all nice people, but why do you continue to employ people who have no ability whatsoever to act on crimes or infractions? Is it because they are on a contract? If so, when is the contract expiration date?
  • Curt,

    As you may be aware, regional leadership and their respective law enforcement officials are forming a task force over the issue of security on the MetroLink system.

    Local law enforcement officials are committed to improving security conditions on the system and are forming a joint command structure between the three largest law enforcement providers, St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department to provide seamless security for MetroLink riders.

    We are grateful that our regional leaders and law enforcement partners are committed to improving the safety on MetroLink and we look forward to working with them to implement a regional solution to the safety and security needs of the Metro transit system.

    The plan is still being finalized, and as such, we cannot comment further on security issues today, including the duties of each force and contracts. We will make more information available regarding implementation of the new security plan when it is approved for us to share. Thank you for your interest in the system.
  • Curt,

    The creation of a mobile app for reporting security-related events is a topic that has been discussed with the task force I referenced earlier. It is this entity that would be tasked with overseeing the creation of, and response to, such an app. Please stay tuned for more on this in the future.
  • I noticed something else. On Metro's Twitter feed, there are photos from passengers or other citizens, taken of Metro vehicles parked in handicapped spaces. It seems to be a recurring theme. Is it true that it's legal for Metro vehicles to park in handicapped spaces when they're not displaying a handicapped placard? As a family member of a disabled individual, it's a topic close to me.
  • Curt,

    In the past 30 days, we did receive one report via Twitter of a Metro vehicle parked in a disabled parking space. We immediately shared this information with our management team responsible for supervising personnel and vehicles.
  • What's the timeframe for replacing paper tickets with the RFID Gateway cards? Will we be able to manage card balances, etc online?
  • Chris, Chris,

    Metro is in the process of testing the hardware and software associated with the roll out of our “Gateway Card,” which is a smart card fare payment system. Customers will be able to load monetary value, or products like monthly passes on their cards. They will also be able to check balances online, and communicate with our Gateway Card Customer Service Center. We have a small test group using these cards today, and we anticipate we will begin a phased release of these cards to the general public in late 2017.
  • Thanks, but there was another today. Same vehicle perhaps, nearly the same place. Also I went back on Facebook where I knew there were a bunch, but they've all been deleted.
  • Curt,

    As any of these contacts are received, they are immediately forwarded to Metro management for action.
  • will the new station on Boyle be accessible from Sarah St.?
  • Jason,

    There will be a pedestrian pathway accessible from Boyle and Sarah that connects to the pedestrian plaza leading to the Cortex MetroLink Station.
  • Thank you for your questions today! We look forward to carrying local residents and visitors to events this weekend, including the Komen Race for the Cure, Scott Air Force Base Centennial Celebration Airshow, and Cardinals baseball at Busch Stadium. Metro is a convenient way to get there while avoiding street closures, traffic jams and parking issues. Racers, walkers, sports fans and air show enthusiasts can park their vehicles at any one of 21 free Metro Park-Ride lots in Missouri and Illinois. Riders can purchase round-trip transit tickets and hop on MetroLink or MetroBus to arrive at the events this weekend.
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