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Ask the transit experts about bus and train schedules, new technology, fares and more in our monthly chat. Join them on Wednesday, Feb. 7, at noon to get answers to all your questions about how to get around the St. Louis area.

  • Good afternoon St. Louis! We’re looking forward to a great discussion. We continue to work on a number of exciting projects for 2018 and we’re also preparing for exciting events in St. Louis, including the Mardi Gras parade festivities on Saturday. As in previous years, Metro is offering special shuttle service between the Civic Center Transit Center and the Mardi Gras venue in Soulard. Round-trip passes for the Mardi Gras Shuttles are $6. In meantime, we’re happy to answer any transit questions you may have.
  • Mark,

    Thank you for your interest in Metro’s Link Markets! These markets opened in December at the North Hanley and Wellston MetroLink Stations. The Link Market kiosks are open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and accept cash, credit and EBT payments.

    The products offered at the Link Markets are fresh, healthy, convenient, and competitively priced.

    These kiosks were made possible through a Missouri Foundation for Health grant awarded to the Bi-State Development Research Institute, a non-profit enterprise of Bi-State Development. We are also partnering with other entities in the region to highlight transit connections to fresh, healthy food. At this time we do not yet have funding in place to expand Link Markets to other stations, but we are closely monitoring the success of this still new program and looking for opportunities to expand food access for our customers.
  • Are the food markets expanding to other stations?
  • Betty,

    Metro is aware of the convenience mobile technology offers our customers, and we are actively pursuing mobile ticketing, which would allow our customers to pay their transit fare using an app on their mobile device. This winter we worked with our partners in Illinois, Madison County Transit, to solicit technical proposals for mobile ticketing software and hardware. We have reviewed the results of this effort and are now preparing to release a request for implementation, which could occur as early as 2019.
  • Will Metro get mobile ticketing? If so, when?
  • When the buses returned to Civic Center, the vicinity map on the rail platform was removed. The vicinity map at Union Station is still there indicating all the bus routes that used to stop there. Also, all the big maps at all the stations still show the bus connections at Union Station. Wrong information is worse than no information.
  • Downtown Resident,

    Thank you for your feedback on signage across our transit system. Metro is in the process of redesigning much of our system signage, and plans to update area maps, system maps, and other media this summer coincident with the opening of the Cortex MetroLink Station.
  • Can we see a draft of Metro ReImagined?
  • what is the Status on "Metro Reimagiened" and when can we expect to learn more?
  • Bus Buddy and Transit User,

    Thank you for your interest in Metro Reimagined, Metro’s comprehensive planning effort aimed to realign our Missouri MetroBus system. We unveiled this project to the public in fall 2017, and since that time we have been applying that feedback, along with the results of an in-depth analysis of our existing operations, to craft a draft plan of a reimagined system. This draft plan is currently in progress, and will be ready for public review and input beginning in mid-March March. At that time we’ll host a series of interactive meetings and update the project website with the draft plan for the purpose of seeking public input. Stay tuned for an announcement of community engagement opportunities in early March.
  • What ever happened to Smart Cards? I'd love to have a reloadable card instead of worrying about if I have dollar bills on me for the bus
  • Dera,

    The Smart Card project is continuing in testing. We are actively working with a group of testers to identify any problems with hardware and software, and we anticipate expanding the group of product testers to a larger audience this spring. The results of that expansion will help determine the final launch schedule. Stay tuned for more.
  • Also, are there any plans to install an elevator at Civic Center in the future? I have spoken with several friends who are unable to use stairs. They tell me that the ramp is often slippery and takes so long to use (and is abysmal in bad weather).
  • The public security at Civic Center have rebuffed me (kinda of tersely) when I asked for where a specific bus bay might be. He made clear he didn't know at all where any of the buses' bays were. Any chance that we could provide that training to Metro Transit Authority officers so they can be actually helpful instead of just loafing around the Civic Center all day?
  • Civic Center,

    I am sorry that you had a negative experience with Metro personnel when you sought information about bus locations at Civic Center Transit Center. The experience of our customers is one of Metro’s highest priorities, and we will endeavor to ensure that each of our team members are equipped with the information and instruction necessary to create a delightful customer experience. I will share your experience with our Public Safety Team so that we may improve. You may also find information about bus assignments above each passenger shelter; inside the customer waiting area; and at the center of the outdoor bus bay locations.

    Regarding elevators at Civic Center Transit Center, we chose not to include outdoor elevators because of the cost of maintenance and installation, and selected a ramp for disabled access. Metro does provide snow and ice removal on this ramp, please contact personnel onsite or Customer Service at 314-982-1406 if you find the conditions slippery. We will continue to monitor the customer experience at Civic Center, and will use this information to inform any future plans, such as the addition of an elevator.
  • Can we have a bigger bus on the #1 in the mornings, maybe one of those bendy ones?
  • Justin,

    Thank you for your feedback about service on the #1 Gold MetroBus route. Our Planning team will look at ridership to determine whether we are consistently exceeding capacity (which does include all seats filled plus standees at peak times on a route like the #1 Gold). Ridership on this route is unlikely to warrant a sixty foot articulated bus, like those operated on the #70 Grand.
  • Now that Civic Center is done, what's next in terms improving or building new transit centers?
  • Frank,

    Metro is in the process of pursuing updates to some of our original MetroLink Stations, including Laclede’s Landing, 8th & Pine, Convention Center, Forest Park, North Hanley, and Delmar. We are defining the needs at these stations and will soon embark on design. Construction will be dependent on available funding.
  • North-South,

    Metro is actively working with East-West Gateway Council of Governments, the City of St. Louis and other partners on the Northside-Southside conceptual design study. As far as re-aligning bus routes to mimic Northside-Southside, it really is too soon to begin making service adjustments in anticipation of the construction and opening of this corridor. Those changes would come at a later date when a construction timeline can be determined. In the meantime, we’re focused on creating the bus network that best serves the needs of our communities now, and in the near future. We are currently working on Metro Reimagined, a plan that would revise all of our Missouri bus routes.
  • I really enjoyed the North-South Metrolink events a few weeks back! Very informative. Will we start running a bus along the in-street portion of that line once the plan is finalized but before construction begins, in order to allow transit users to adapt their schedules and habits to that new route shape??
  • But my question is: will there be a bus covering where north-south *will* be so that people can get used to it until we finish building it? If there are no plans for that, just say so.
  • North-South,

    I appreciate your desire to cultivate a strong Northside-Southside market through strong bus service on the same corridors. Here is a snapshot of the processes that lead to decisions about light rail and bus interface:

    Metro and our partners have not yet made final plans for bus service immediately before, during, and after construction of a Northside-Southside light rail corridor. This is typically part of planning and design, and this work has not yet been conducted.

    Our work through Metro Reimagined at this stage does not include a bus route that mimics the precise path of the Northside-Southside light rail corridor, however we are envisioning routes that serve the same primary corridors as Northside-Southside. The opportunities and constraints of bus and light rail service are not the same, therefore these corridors are often not identical.
  • Why do the buses leave so close together in time? If I am late getting off work I miss every bus that goes in my direction (eight, twenty, and ten). Also the number ten is always overcrowded in the morning, could you add another bus to this route in the morning?
  • Nichole,

    The bus routes departing Civic Center Transit Center are intended to be timed in such a way that customers can transfer between routes while they are at Civic Center, without long delays between routes.

    Our Planning team will monitor passenger volumes on the #10 Gravois to determine if adjustments are needed.

    I realize that at some times of the day that may limit your options for service between Civic Center and the near south side, which I presume is your destination based on the routes you listed here.

    We understand that our customers want convenient transfers, faster, more direct trips, and more options. We are working to deliver this through our Metro Reimagined service plan, which will be available to you for review in mid-March. I encourage you to stay tuned to the conversation, and visit with us in March to learn about this draft plan, and provide your input into the process.
  • Thank you all for joining us for our monthly Live Chat this afternoon. If you're heading to the Mardi Gras festivities this weekend, take Metro! Visit to learn more.
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