Talk to Metro about buses and MetroLink

What improvements are being done on MetroLink? Can you catch a bus from here to there? Metro can answer all your questions in its monthly chat. Join the experts at noon on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.

    I know there's been talk about North-South MetroLink, but are there updates to BRT? Isn't that project further along than MetroLink expansion?
    #90 is suffering from the traffic congestion and single lane transition from all the construction happening. Any thoughts on how Metro can alleviate the bus schedule digressions?
    Fare box recovery is a function of fares collected against cost. Metro has performed well over the years at controlling costs. Go to this website to see how your St. Louis Transit system is viewed nationally in that area: < .

    The other element is ridership and fares collected, and in that area there has been some decline. This is a function of two basic issues, lower overall ridership, and lower average fare as people who are riders are moving over to discounted fare media such as multi-ride passes.
    We are aware of the fare box recovery statistic, but that isn’t an overarching element in our system. It would be easy to manage to fare box recovery by simply running only the routes that produce higher ridership. That is not the mission we have been given by the community. We have been asked to connect 90% of the people to 90% of the regional jobs, and as wide as possible a net for the disabled community in the region. To do this we design the system with the goal of providing as large a footprint as possible. We increase the frequency of service on those routes that generate higher levels of ridership. Operating buses on lower use routes in areas of the community with lower density denies the system fare box recovery opportunities, but ensures that majority of the communities within our service area remain accessible to each other through transit.
    Bus Buddy,
    Metro is continuing to evaluate different electric buses and their associated technologies, and we are looking for a bus that can operate at a range of 200 miles in any temperature. This targeted range would allow Metro to introduce electric vehicles as our service is currently designed, without adding additional “deadhead” trips to and from the facility throughout the day for recharging. This is a critical feature for maintaining cost-effective service. Once the technology meets our needs, the precise process and timeline will depend on the funding source we use to purchase these buses and the production time from the manufacturer. Metro relies on federal formula and competitive grant programs to support the majority of bus cost purchases. Stay tuned...
    This week is finals week and I rely on metro. Yesterday happened to be one of those days when everything went against me. Red line @ Union stn was late by 3 minutes. Operator change at makeshift stop was over a minute and eventually I missed my bus connection. What could be improved in terms of getting back to schedule from unforeseen circumstances.
    When will the bicycle decals be installed at ALL stations? It would help new bikers a lot.
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