Talk to Metro about how to get to LouFest

LouFest in Forest Park takes place on Sept. 9-10 and Metro is the perfect option for getting to the festival. Have a question about your transit commute? Join the experts during their monthly chat, Wednesday, Sept. 6 at noon.

  • Good afternoon, St. Louis! As you enjoy the last days of summer, consider taking Metro to one of the many festivals and concerts happening this month or to this weekend's LouFest, taking place in Forest Park Saturday, September 9 to Sunday, September 10. Metro is partnering with Listen Live Entertainment to provide a LouFest shuttle from the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station to the LouFest grounds. The shuttle will operate from approximately 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., or until crowds have cleared. The cost of the shuttle is $3 per round trip. Shuttle tickets may be purchased at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station on the days of the event. If you’re taking MetroLink to the event, make sure you purchase a round-trip ticket at your origin station. It's going to be a lovely weekend, we hope to see you out there!
  • How is Metro going to enforce no smoking when it can't event control its crime?
  • Rick,

    Metro is enforcing its no-smoking policy through signage and verbal enforcement by our contract security guards and Public Safety Officers. We have also provided smoking receptacles at specific locations within the public right-of-way (typically nearby sidewalks). Prior to Metro going smoke free at all of our stations and transit centers, our platforms were smoke free and we opened Civic Center Transit Center as a smoke-free facility on August 14. I am pleased to report that the transition to a smoke-free campus at Civic Center has been pretty successful. Our personnel directs smokers to the dedicated location, and with each passing day this model becomes more accepted. Metro made this choice to become smoke-free so that we can create an attractive, comfortable and safe environment for all our customers.
  • There needs to be an elevator at Civic Center -- stairs, ramps are too steep.
  • Barb,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding your desire to see an elevator included at the Civic Center Transit Center. I understand your concern about the stairs and ramp; both were constructed to overcome the elevation change between street-level and the MetroLink platform. An outdoor elevator was considered, however was not ultimately included due to budgetary constraints and concerns about the reliability of outdoor elevators and escalators, especially in the St. Louis region’s 4-season climate. We are installing a center rail on the stairway to improve the ease of use.
  • The escalators at the downtown stations never seem to be working for long periods of time? Why is this?
  • Steve,

    I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced at our Downtown Station escalators. The escalators at 8th & Pine and Convention Center MetroLink Stations are part of the original MetroLink alignment, and are nearing the end of their useful life. We are currently reviewing replacement options for this equipment, as well as other repairs and upgrades. Metro endeavors to maintain this equipment in a state of good repair, which requires that each year we close the escalators for a period of about one week to provide deep cleaning. Other delays occur when parts required for repairs are sourced- recent repairs required waiting a period of weeks before these specialized parts could be sourced. The reliability, cost and time associated with maintaining this equipment make a compelling case for relying on ramps, where design and space allow.
  • Any updates on MetroLink expansion?
  • Frank,

    There are two separate efforts on the horizon for exploring MetroLink expansion options for the St. Louis region. East-West Gateway Council of Governments, on behalf of the City of St. Louis, is currently leading a conceptual design study focused on furthering planning and design for a Northside-Southside MetroLink expansion. This project, which will end in spring 2018, is intended to create a refined plan for cost, ridership, and constructability for this project. St. Louis County also plans to lead a study that would assess the costs and benefits of three different potential light rail corridors. Following the conclusion of this work, regional leadership will prioritize a corridor to further develop.
  • Thank you for your questions today! We look forward to transporting local residents and visitors to events this weekend, including to LouFest. Metro is a convenient way to get there while avoiding street closures, traffic jams and parking issues. Riders can purchase round-trip transit tickets and hop on MetroLink or MetroBus to arrive at the events this weekend.
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