Wondering about road work? Jarred by potholes? Ask the Road Crew, 1 p.m.

Wondering about road work? Jarred by potholes? Ask the Road Crew, 1 p.m.

Ask the experts from the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis and St. Charles counties and St. Louis City your questions about highways and roads. The live chat starts at 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

    The pot hole on Manchester at the welcome to Rock Hill sign
    If you can share which direction, that would be helpful.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    2 min and 30 sec stoplight at 64E exit to Oakland across from Community College and lines backed up so you have to wait two or three lights before getting through. Seriously. Too many lights are 2 min and longer in low traffic streets downtown. Want to stop all the running red lights? Shorten the lights. It will still be safe for walkers and drivers.
    What time are you seeing the backups?  Signal times change during the day (usually, one timing plan for morning, one for the day, one for evening rush and then overnight.  Often times there are other signals with higher traffic volumes that get priority -- the road with the higher amount of traffic gets priority.  If you can share the time, though, I can pass it along to our traffic team to check and see if they can make any adjustments.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    The crossing light on Reavis Barracks Rd for Grant's Trail is probably the most dangerous spot on the entire trail. Most weeks I will see at least one car run the red light. Usually at substantial faster then the posted 35mph and not even close to having been yellow. Yesterday one car ran the red, than a car from Hill's Storage's drive made a right turn through the protected crossing. Three days ago a car, speeding through the red, would have hit me had I been a couple seconds slower crossing. Luckily no one, especially kids, were behind me.
    Can something be done to improve the safety of this crossing?
    Thank you for sharing these observations. I've forwarded your report to our Division of Operations for investigation. David Wrone, St. Louis County's Department of Transportation
    I would assume that your accident report records over the years would indicate a rather inordinate amount of collisions at southbound 170 at Delmar. Lot’s of jockeying there for folks either trying to get over to the right for the Ladue Road or Forest Park Parkway exits, coupled with moves to the inside lanes for I64/40. So, to make matters a little worse, there is a very large shrub to to the left of the entrance ramp onto southbound 170. This bush impedes the sight lines of drivers traveling south on 170 to those entering off of Delmar. It gets bigger every year. Trimming or removal would be appreciated.
    Highway patrol handles crash reports -- we get copies of those reports from highway patrol when we are reviewing or studying an area. We have gotten no reports of a significant increase in crashes, nor do we have any current plans for major improvements in that area. I have shared your observation about the shrub with our maintenance team to see what they may be able to do to help improve sight distance lines. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I've been noticing a pretty consistent issue on NB I-270, approaching I-64. There is a series of 3 overhead directional signs, each saying WB I-64 on the left side and EB I-64 on the right side, with a yellow stripe across the bottom, with the EXIT ONLY arrow(s). Under the first two, there are 4 thru lanes and and an exit-only lane in Lane 5. Once you get north of Clayton Rd, a sixth lane is added, for EB I-64 traffic. With people unfamiliar with the area, including a significant number of 18-wheelers, wanting to head west on I-64, they're reading Lane 4 as the exit lane, since lane 5 appears to be for EB traffic, based on the location of the signage over both lanes 4 & 5. This often results in a last-minute lane change, once they figure out they're in the wrong lane, right before the exit.

    I'd recommend either moving the existing signs 8'-10' to the right (to center them better over the correct lane(s), and/or remove half of the yellow stripe (on the left side) over Lane 4. In comparison, the signs for Manchester (to the south) and for Page (to the north) are much better-positioned and cause far less confusion. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your detailed observations -- I have passed them along to our traffic team for the area to take a look at and see what might be done.  Any changes probably wouldn't get addressed until the next sign replacement project along I-270. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I'll make sure our patch crew is aware of this, if they aren't already as reported to the Citizen's Service Bureau (CSB).  Typically when there is a section of concentrated potholes and the time of year is right, a section of pavement would be taken out and paved over rather than patching each individual pothole in a cluster.  We'll take a look and respond accordingly - thanks for your post!
  • Good afternoon. For the city: the W-bound section of Holly Hills between Grand and Morganford is again riddled with left-side potholes, both patched and not. With all the tree cover/resultant daytime shadows there, drivers have to choose between getting hazardously close to the left curb, hoping they don't hit an unrepaired one -- or driving to the right, into the bike lane: I'm guessing the vast majority do the latter.

    Has there been any research into ways to fix this recurring issue? If it can't be cured, can some kind of strip repaving be done (it really doesn't need overall resurfacing)?

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