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If a stretch of I-270 has you feeling down, or there's a badly timed light, talk to the Road Crew of experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County.Join the weekly chat on Wednesday, July 5 at 1 p.m.

  • Hello, just curious when Ellendale south of Arsenal is going to be finished. From what I can tell it's going to be nice! I am wondering about the south end of it near Lansdowne. Is the lane on the west side sort of an outer road for those homes only? That's the only part of the road that I'm trying to figure out. Is there a site where I can view what the road will look like when it is finished? And, when will the Forest Park Parkway be finished west of Kingshighway? Thanks for the info!
  • Ellendale/Wabash will have a greenway on the west side of the roadway. It will be complete by end of the year. Kingshighway & FPP will be complete in August.
  • The landscaping along Highway 40 looks bad, and the stretch on the north side between McKnight and Lindbergh looks terrible. Is there any opportunity to hire a professional landscape architect to redesign this? If there are no funds to do so, who would we contact at the state to see if a private partnership could take this on?
  • MoDOT does not have funding available for aesthetic improvements (and to maintain such improvements) as you mention. There are opportunities for private firms to sponsor sections of I-64 through our I-64 Landscape Sponsorship Program. The company pays a firm that is responsible for mowing and upkeep of landscaping along the interstate and they get a Sponsor A Highway sign. Interested companies can check out more information at In addition, municipalities can work with the MoDOT to sign an agreement where the municipality can install landscaping and maintain it. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Not sure if this is a MO-DOT or City of Charlack issue.
    On east bound Rock Road the right turn lane/ramp onto Lackland has 4 pot holes. They are placed so that they are not easy to avoid.
    Should I contact MoDOT or Charlack?
    by Suzanne Jackson edited by andrew.gates 7/5/2017 6:44:40 PM
  • It sounds like it should be ours -- St. Charles Rock Road is a MoDOT maintained roadway. I have passed it along to our maintenance team to check out. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Mr. Runde: can you explain why the use of flashing signals at MorganFord and Loughborough after 11PM was rescinded? I'm also curious about the significant # of LED elements that are burned out on green lights around town. Aren't these supposed to have a very long (multi-year) life span? Can they be refurbished - replacing the individual bulbs that go out - or are they "junk" once more than half in a unit are burned out? I hope someone is ensuring that taxpayers aren't funding the purchase of "seconds"-quality units!
  • I believe back in 2010 when the signals along Morganford were re-timed this was changed. The signal runs a low cycle length (100 seconds) overnight with an equal division of that time between concurrent north-south Morganford followed by each side of Loughborough going separately. We haven't had any complaints related to delays at this location. We will verify the vehicle detection is operating correctly however just in case. The LED traffic signal indication installations started 10-12 years ago. If we have heads that go out that are still under their 10 year warranty, we can still get them replaced under those terms.
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